Warranty and safety

Warranty terms

The following applies to complete water turbines only and hence excludes kit sets and parts.

Trade customers on selling this product must facilitate warrantee claims with the final client. Alinda Invest will only deal with the Trade customer in such cases.

Our warranty is valid provided the turbine has been correctly installed, commissioned and maintained over the duration of its use. The end user must return installation details to Alinda Invest and keep a log book to record maintenance activity. Alinda Invest may request to see the log book and pictures of the installation and failed component prior to processing any warranty claim.

Alinda Invest is confident in the performance, reliability and cost effectiveness of our range of water turbines. Hence we offer you:

  • Full refund if you are not satisfied after the turbine has been running at your site for a 30- day period (this must occur within 3 months of dispatch) and Alinda Invest must be given the opportunity to rectify the problem. Clients need to pay for return freight cost, and the turbine must be returned in as new condition for a full refund.
  • Performance guaranteed if our installation advice is followed for turbines that have output power greater than 200 W. Below 200 W a margin of +/- 20% applies.
  • 2-year warranty from the time of purchase (invoice date), subject to maintenance specified in the PowerSpout LH Installation Manual including re-lubrication and replacement of bearings.
  • Extended warranty available up to 10 years (premium per additional year).
  • If there is a problem email us a picture of the failed part and we will fix it by dispatching a replacement part to you promptly. The labor cost to fit this part to your turbine is not covered under this warranty. The 2-year warranty is limited to the supply of replacement parts within 2 years of initial purchase.
  • The cost of any single replacement part excluding the casing (outside the 2 year warranty period) for the original purchaser of our turbine will not be more than $200 US plus freight (5 year limit from purchase date of turbine).
  • If you can find a similar quality retail product advertised by a manufacturer or authorized dealer at a more competitive price, we will beat it by 20%. We will require an original copy of the advertisement. This offer excludes trade  specials and second-hand units.
  • Our maximum liability is limited to the full amount paid for the turbine. If you are an overseas customer that has purchased this equipment by mail order over the internet then this is the maximum extent of our liability.
  • Alinda Invest reserves the right to improve the product and alter the above conditions without notice.

Alinda Invest takes safety very seriously and we endeavor to reduce all risks to the extent possible and warn you of hazards. Customers that ignore such risks and advice do so at their own risk.


Alinda Invest takes safety very seriously and we endeavor to reduce all risks to the extent possible and warn you of hazards. Customers that ignore such risks and advice do so at their own risk.

This is electric generator, which must be handled, installed and run with the utmost caution. Please hire professional to install the system !

Alinda Invest is not liable for consequential damaged caused by incorrect installation, regulator failure or failure of other system components. It is the owner’s responsibility to check correct installation and operation.

In many countries owners can install electrical equipment up to certain voltages. This varies around the world and is typically 50 vdc and 50 vac. Some countries also allow up to 120 vdc installations by home owners.

We do not recommend that you attempt to install this equipment unless you are suitably qualified and experienced to do so and then only up to 50 vdc/vac. Grid tied and higher voltage applications of the PowerSpout ME, GE and HE products will have to be installed by an approved RE installer and comply with relevant legislation.