Solar energy for your water and fuel needs

Solar heaters/distillers to heat or purify water, distill alcohol and make bioethanol, aromatic oils - all this by using solar energy, no electricity required! It is a true privilege to have pure water and heated water according to your needs and not being forced to pay for it to anybody.

The same goes about being able to distill your own bioethanol, suitable for many uses - for your bioethanol fireplace, for internal combustion engine, for cleaning products, for making alcoholic beverages etc. - without haveing to pay anybody.

These amazing kits with asembly tools and manuals will serve your needs:

  • Solar Water Purifier that produces potable water from most surface or underground sources using renewable energy and destroying virus and bacteria.
  • Solar Water Distiller for tap water. Save money and stop purchasing and transporting bottled drinking water, or replace costly membranes in competitor's equipment.
  • Solar ethanol Distiller for biofuel or spirits distillation. Can distill ethanol fuel or spirits such as whisky, rum, vodka, bourbon, essential oils, water and others.
  • Solar Water Heater that is easy to install and maintain, self contained, no pumps required, suitable for hard water and all climates.
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