Solar heaters and distillers

Heat, purify water, distill alcohol and make bioethanol - all this by using solar energy !

Alinda invest is dealer of Solarstill LLC in Brazil.
No electricity, only renewable, solar energy.

Complete kits including assembly tools and manuals:

  • Solar Water Purifier that produces potable water from most surface or underground sources using renewable energy and destroying virus and bacteria.
  • Solar Water Distiller for tap water. Save money and stop purchasing and transporting bottled drinking water, or replace costly membranes in competitor's equipment.
  • Solar ethanol Distiller for biofuel or spirits distillation. Can distill ethanol fuel or spirits such as whisky, rum, vodka, bourbon, essential oils, water and others.
  • Solar Water Heater that is easy to install and maintain, self contained, no pumps required, suitable for hard water and all climates.