Solar bioethanol

Solar ethanol distiller for biofuel or spirits distillation. Can distill ethanol fuel or spirits such as whisky, rum, vodka, bourbon, essential oils, water and others. Complete kit including assembly tools and manuals.

Distill your own batches of bioethanol using corn, molasses, waste fruits or any other fermentable farm waste. They can also distill your favorite spirits such as whisky, rum, bourbon, vodka and others. The modular design of our disstillers allows modules to be interconnected depending on production scale.

The main features

  • Distill your own bioethanol and other spirits
  • Use renewable solar energy only: absolutely energy independent
  • Easy scaleable
  • Compact models which are easy to mount even on wheels
  • Operates efficiently even in freezing winter, if there's a sunshine of course

Solarstill models come in:

  • compact models, which are smaller, mounted on wheels and suitable for portable backyard deployment
  • standard models- larger and more suitable for fixed installations