Solar water heaters

A solar water heater that is easy to install and maintain, self contained, no pumps required. They are economical , SRCC OG-300 Certified, suitable for hard water and all climates.

Thermo siphon solar water heaters are popular around the world for their simple, economical, and effective production of hot water.

They work "in background", heating liquid, which moves into the tank. Use of our solar heaters ensures that water is heated to the highest possible temperature, even in cold climates. They include an integrated stainless steel tank and pumps are not necessary. Can be configured for installations on high latitudes with deep freezing conditions and moderate water hardness. Or for tropical environments prone to hurricanes, corrosion and hard water.

The main features:

  • SRCC OG-300 Certified
  • Economical, self contained system
  • Integrated tank, no pumps needed
  • SS304 inner tank with thick polyurethane insulation
  • Suitable for all climates
  • Different tank capacities and electric backup
  • Copper heat exchanger for hard water environments
  • Heat pipes for deep freezing conditions and moderate water hardness

Solarstill models come in:

  • compact models, which are smaller, mounted on wheels and suitable for portable backyard deployment
  • standard models- larger and more suitable for fixed installations