Solar water distillators

Solar Water Distiller for tap water. No electricity, only renewable, solar energy. Avoid purchasing and transporting bottled drinking water and plastic containers. Unlike reverse osmosis, you do not have to constantly replace costly filters. Will destroy virus and bacteria. Complete kit including assembly tools, manuals, thermometer and TDS meter to check for water quality.

Our products are capable of distilling tap or well water. Will eliminate virus, bacteria, chlorine, lead, arsenic, pesticides, toxic heavy metals and other impurities from water for a healthy lifestyle. Our distillers use only solar energy to distill water, thus allowing you to save on electrical bill and obtain the benefits of pure water for a healthy family.

Lower your carbon footprint by avoiding purchasing and transporting water bottled in plastic containers. By using sophisticated heat pipes and regeneration technology, the system is extremely efficient and cost effective. For the first time practical solar water distillers are available to compete for the water distillation market.

The main features:

  • Distill water using free solar energy
  • Eliminate Arsenic, Lead, Chlorine, Pesticides and Heavy Metals
  • Eliminate Trihalomethanes and radioactive carcinogens
  • Destroys virus and bacteria
  • Compact, portable models mounted on wheels for backyard, garden hose connection
  • Operates in cold and weather conditions

Solarstill models come in:

  • compact models, which are smaller, mounted on wheels and suitable for portable backyard deployment
  • standard models- larger and more suitable for fixed installations